Floor Plan

FB3dstudio got a new plan for your new house.
Filled with beauty, our floor plan designs will take advantage of every view on your breathtaking property. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine and design a more open layout, with the absolute necessary facilities within your home. At FB3dstudio, we work to not only bring your plan design to life, but also your house plan, home design and the more adopted custom floor plan solutions.
We have an excellent and hard-working team of designers who are heavily diverse with newer methods of implementing any size of a project.

Importance ?

Your needs are catered for at FB3dstudio with our in-depth experience. However, it is important for you to understand the importance of our work.
Floor plan act as the guts of any construction project, they size every facility and give idea for any necessary house modifications.
The visualization of your home starts from this point.
Before you get into generating your 2d or even 3d plans, it is important that you obtain a floor plan design to help you make a clear and absolute move into the future of your project.
While the plans are used by your site men, the developer requires them in understanding the nature of the project.


We have numerous projects on board and many which are already complete. Below is a compilation of our complete works.


Here is a short video of how we work to bring


Your ultimate need to have a standard designed floor plan can be full filled by the use of our simple and efficient process.

1. Contact us to schedule the on-site measurements of your property listing.
2. Our professional team member shall visit and take interior measurements of your property on the scheduled day and time.
3. We shall begin to work on your customized designs.
4. Delivery: we will deliver our complete and best quality work in best resolution, PDF, PNG, And JPG format on email.
5. Acceptance: you shall review our render and point on any revisions if any.

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