Architectural Visualization

FB3dstudio still images are rendered and composited 3d architecture visualizations programmed to completely communicate your 3d architecture project. Our primary goals are to aid in generating the best of qualities within each individual project. We go an extra step to reflect your project identity, thanks to our great experts. We help you acquire your desirable future experience, the look, the best and the feel by adding visual expressive elements to the image such as text, people or even reality which merge to give addition to your dream visualization.
While architectural visualization comprises of, 3d plans, 3d home designs, and house visualization or even a house rendering service, FB3dstudio does not stop at the title. We work to bring life into your desire. We work to enhance lighting within the visualizations, color and other enhancements of necessity. Either quality can be incorporated into your design as well.

Importance ?

FB3dstudio architectural visualization services help build your status. We help you to create a true picture of your design to your customer. We bring life into what you have already worked out.
To the home owners, this true art helps bring in best design thoughts into your existing home. House owners may get more inclined to 3d house plans, home rendering service or a carefully planned and achieve 3d architecture visualization.
We work with real estate agencies and builders to bring out the best of their architectural designs to presence in a graphic format.
This service will get your work pure and exceptional within your market niche.
It is a high level need, it is a great requirement.


What do we do best when it comes to architecture visualization services? This is what we have already done and achieve. Enjoy your niche.


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Simple, intuitive and immaculate process to obtain a masterpiece of your work.
1. To order these services, send us your project files. We will need the idea clearly described in a picture, drawing or even hand drawn sketches.
2. We will contact you to discuss more on your project details. This is within 24 hours after placing your order.
3. We will commence working on your project.
4. Hand over the project to you.
5. Discuss any possible revisions with you.
6. Hand over the whole project.

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